Like the title says do not use Monroe muffler in Roanoke Va.Especially the one on Franklin road.I took my 2007 Chevrolet Malibu there on wed march 21 2012 to have a state inspection.I was told by the service advisor/sales person that they did not take appointments for that and that it would be over an hour.I said ok and began to wait.Finally after about 25 mins a fat sloppy man with a big set of keys on his belt took my car in.When people are working on cars they should not have keys on their belt because no person wants their car scratched by these keys.The entire time my car was there I could stand in the window and watch as it was right behind the counter.My car was basically put onto the lift and nothing was done and left there for about 20 mins.After the 20 mins the service advisor comes back in and says my car needs a right front inner tie rod or he will have to put a rejected sticker on it.I ask how much this is and he tells me $187.00 without tax and that it would also need to be aligned after this so all together this would be around $300.00.I said no I do not have this much money in cash and I told him to put the rejected sticker on it.He looked at me with a grin and left the room.As I left I saw several other workers there looking at me funny as if I was one who got away.On Thursday I bought the tie rod myself for $50.00 and made another app at another local well know garage in Roanoke Va to have this work done.My car was taken into their bay and a few mins later the mechanic and service advisor came out and said my car was fine and did not need this part replaced.They asked who had told me it needed replaced and I told them the story.Monroe muffler was basically trying to scam me out of $300.00.I will be calling their corporate office about this I can assure you and I will also make my experience well known with this place.So called businesses like this are a huge problem in society today and their dirty tricks and deceptive tactics should be exposed by all who are subjected to them.

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Strange how it is kinda hard to find this very truthful review online ha ha.

As a business with countless complaints to the BBB I would expect them to try and improve themselves and regain customer trust.

I went back to the one on Williamson road about a month ago to have tire rotation and oil change.

I went there just to see if they had changed any in the years since I had been there as I stopped coming when I watched as they did not rotate my tires but lied to my face and said they did even as I stood there and watched them the entire time.

I pulled in their lot and made sure to get out and mark my tires.

I went inside and asked how long a tire rotation and oil change would take and the guy looked at me kinda funny and said he could not do it at all that day. He clearly saw me mark my tires before I came in too lol. My advice would be the same and that is to not go to monroe muffler period.


Well it has been a year since an attempt to scam me at monroe muffler on franklin road in Roanoke Va.As my above comment says I was told by a sleezy salesman/service advisor that my car needed a right front inner tie rod or it would not pass inspection.I took my car to another local well known garage and was told that my car did not need that repair at all.I sure am glad I left monroe muffler that day and kept my $300.00 in my pocket.As I also said above you can research monroe muffler and see they have countless complaints from all of their stores.They also have a F rating with the BBB.


Research who or should I say what owns the controlling interest in Monroe Muffler and that will show you a big part of the reason why it is operated the way it is.


I should have googled Monroe Muffler and I could have read the hundreds of complaints they have all over the internet.I could also have seen their F rating with the BBB.This is a chain of businesses to avoid just google them and see the hundreds of bad reviews for yourself.


Here is the update about my experience with this so called business.I called Monroe's corporate office today twice.The first time I called a woman asked me where the store was I had a complaint about.I said Roanoke Va and gave her the street address.She responded are you sure its in Roanoke?? She asked would it be under a different city?? I said no it is in Roanoke Va and gave her the store number she said hold please while I look it up.She then connected me with some business that sold sheet metal so I hung up and called back again.This time I got a man and I told him my story.I told him that this business was basically trying to scam me out of $300 dollars and that I felt I should get a refund check for the 16 dollars I paid for my state inspection since the other garage told me the car did not need fixed.The man claimed at first he could not find the store in roanoke I then gave street address store number and offered to give him the phone number.Then he said he could find it through the store number.Not really sure why he did not say this to begin with.After he listened to my complaint he said he would call the Roanoke store and call me back.I certainly did not expect the Roanoke store or corporate office to admit they were trying to scam me.I waited about 15 mins and got a call back.The man said the Roanoke Monroe muffler located at 3702 Franklin road said oh yes that my car certainly did need this repair.The man on the phone went on to say that I could bring my car back in and the would show me themselves.I told the man that I would not be back to any Monroe Muffler again.I also told him that I did not believe what they were saying and that it was not logical for another garage to tell me the car did not need to be fixed if in fact it needed to be fixed.I told him I would hope he would also see that this did not make sense as no business is going to give up the chance to make several hundred dollars if they can from a car that needed to be repaired.The man on the phone in what I can only call a pathetic attempt to scare me said well another option would be to have a state trooper check it.I have a cousin who works for the Virginia state police and I know these people do not do this sort of thing.I told the man on the phone that I also had been to another Monroe muffler in Roanoke va a few months before and paid for an oil change and tire rotation and they did not rotate my tires and it was very obvious.I told the man that I would not be back to another Monroe and that judging by the amount of complaints this company has online this is not the first complaint they have received and I also told him it showed what kind of company it is.

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