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I contacted the Westover WV store several weeks ago to get my muffler changed. The quote they gave me was well over $500. I then contacted the Monro store on the Mileground in Morgantown WV, roughly 5 miles away. I gave them the exact same information. Their quote was $275. I called back to the Westover store, which is more convenient for me and told them about the price different. He said the best he could was $318. I said that was fine and booked an appointment.

My wife went to go drop my vehicle off the morning of my appointment and when she walked in David, the manager, was absolutely rude to her. He had shown up to the store to realize that his computer had gone down. Instead of restraining his frustration, he began to take out on my wife. He was out and out rude and basically told her to leave. She called me practically in tears. At this point I should have gone somewhere else, but I decided to give your company the benefit of the doubt and called David. He apologized and I told him I wanted him to match the other Monroe quote. He said he would and we rebooked an appointment for my truck.

After we went to the store this second time I picked up my truck and muffler was constantly rattling, something it had never done before. It would rattle anytime the truck rattled. When I looked under the truck you could see that the exhaust was only spot welded to the muffler then a clamp was used. This caused the exhaust to be loud and the hanger wasn't correct so the muffler rattled. I called David and explained this and he said to bring it back in.

So we took my truck back to the store for the third time. They did fix this first issue. However when I picked the truck up it was louder than ever and there was still a rattle. It actually even started to backfire. When I crawled under my truck to look, I noticed that the exhaust out of the back of the muffler was no longer bolted together. I then called David back again and he apologized and offered a full refund. I said that would work and proceed to take my truck back for the 4th time.

Please understand that this was not a custom muffler and my vehicle is a 2002 4Runner with a basic exhaust. I waited 7 days and when no refund was issued I contact David who said it was in process. After 10 days I called the local store again and David wasn't there. I decided to contact corporate and was told that they were waiting for more information on why I was to be issued a refund. Apparently the only information in the system was from David saying that I was unhappy with the work. I proceed to tell the woman I spoke with this entire story. This was last Monday and she assured me that the money would be in my account by Thursday and apologized for all the issues I had.

Well, on Friday I called back to corporate because the money was not in the account. I spoke to a rather rude supervisor named Mackenzie who told me while she couldn't approve the refund she could tell me that I didn't deserve one. I asked to speak to the GM of the region and was told that was RJ Netz and that I could talk to his voicemail.

Since last Friday I have left several messages for RJ Netz but have not gotten one returned call from anyone.

In recap, I visited the Westover WV store 4 times to get my muffler fixed, have been told by 2 employees that a refund was deserved and would be issued, but now after 2 weeks I can't get anyone from the company to call me back. I have reached out multiple times to the regional manager and corporate but have yet to hear anything.

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